Do-It-Yourself by Bipolart

Renew your table in a blink of an eye

Bipolart is inclusive : if you already own a metal table, our
Tops may fit it too!

Just get a magnetic paint or primer. It is just like any
regular paint, except that tiny particles of iron dust are
mixed in. You paint it on the surface of your old table, and
you end up with a brand new table covered with Bipolart's
magnetic interchangeable decors!

Are you ready for your design makeover? Feel free to
send us pics of the before and afters!

A new lease of life for your furniture.

Many table brands are compatible with our Tops such as metal tables from Emu, Fermob, and Tolix.

Forget tablecloths that blow away.

Change the look and feel of your table in an instant, or give it a new lease of life. Just do it… yourself!