About Bipolart

How can we update our interior design, adapt it to our taste, change it to suit our mood or the lastest style?

One day, we buy a dining table and another day, a coffee table. Then life changes: our partner has moved in, we’ve had children, we’ve moved house. We have a different lifestyle or new passions. Our tastes may have changed, and yet we still have that same table in the middle of the living room or the kitchen.

Let’s make it possible to change the decor of our home or office space - the design of a table or a poster on the wall, like we change our clothes!

Swap your style anytime
with Bipolart's magnetic
interchangeable decor!

Bipolart is the perfect way to leave behind functional furniture and enjoy tables that reflect your mood, your life and the people that you share it with.

With Bipolart, the furniture you love to use becomes adjustable, adaptable to your environment. Your furniture is renewed and a single item has multiple uses. Every wall is transformed into a window or a new screen, a way to express yourself.

An innovative design that is
unique on the market

Bipolart works with a patented system of magnetic surfaces that
you can swap at will.


Bipolart Top™

Is a removable table top that can be personalized for different atmospheres, according to the day, the season, or your mood. The tops have limitless uses: designs for adults and educational activities for children.


Bipolart Mural™

Allows you to change the contents of a picture frame without taking it down, and to use it for different purposes: a whiteboard, a work of art, a screen for projecting, and so on.

A personal approach

All of Bipolart’s products are developed in-house by our company’s R&D and Design team. A comprehensive analysis of each and everyone’s situation allows us to take a real human approach to find effective solutions to suit all design needs.

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Why bipolart


Bipolart products have two parts: the item of furniture and the magnetic top. Thus, the Bipolart Tops allow you to change the vibe and the decor of your home according to your mood.

Magnetic poles

By combining a piece of furniture and a magnetic layer, we attract the magnet poles and offer a dynamic solution that is down to earth.

The art of the table

It all began with the wish to reinvent the art of the table, giving artists the possibility to create Tops, combining their creativity with different decorative inspiration.

Bipolart offers the freedom of expression of talent and imagination.