Make a bold statement with a Memphis Top!

Colour takes centre stage in creations by Memphis, a group of creators that transformed design in the 1980s. Colour is the centre of attention. It is loud, vibrant, and dazzling. It delights and enchants your eyes which begin to see the world through rose, blue, yellow or green tinted glasses, the most stand-out colours of the style. Fluorescent or pastel, sometimes raw, colour can be added to every Bipolart table and brings the asymmetry of the Memphis style to life. As cheerful as a sweet shop window, colour radiates energy through your interior and transforms it, as if by magic, into a fairytale place that is as enchanting as a gingerbread house.

Memphis is Bob Dylan’s “Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again”, that played repeatedly one evening at Ettore Sottsass’ apartment in Milan and that inspired the design movement he founded. Memphis is without doubt associated with blues and Tennessee, but it is also the mythical name of a capital city in ancient Egypt. Bring the colours of Memphis to your interior with one, two or three “Memphis” Bipolart Tops, and give your interior a style that is one of a kind.

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