A Kids Top is the touch of style that your kids will love as much as you do!

A child ’ s bedroom is like a garden of paradise, an enchanted place that delights th e senses, where Baloo the bear is ready to capture the moon and give it to whichever child asks for it. Bipolart Kids Tops fit right into your child ’ s bedroom, as if by magic. A piece of advice - you can swap easily between Tops from our “ Kids ” and “ Kids Play ” collections, so your little one can draw and play easily. Once the drawin g or game complete, put the Kids Top back in place without any mess or hassle . As simple as that!

We are all children at heart. In a sigh we are transported back to our childho od bedroom, from years ago when we were little. Compared to adult bed rooms, everything and yet nothing has changed. The tent and wood cabin are still there, and the teddy bear, the wheelie toy, the rocking horse, and the ragdoll to wh om we told our deepest secrets, are timeless and irreplaceable. Here they all are, sa t down, upright, laying down, hidden cheekily behind the large pillows, wai ting for snack time to attend a pretend tea party. The other games are ready to play as well, colouring books waiting to be completed, the toy train ready to choo-choo, the merr y- go -round ready to turn. The sparkly tutu of the future ballerina is hanging fro m a colourful clothes hanger; the princess dress has been carefully folded away after a ga me of dressing-up. Everything is charming, soft, soothing, candy pink and paste l green, white as snow with pretty fairy lights, sending your head to the clouds an d stars to your eyes, which begin to close once a lullaby has been sung.

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