Say it with flowers, say it with a floral Top!

Let flowers, that have an incredible way of pleasing everybody, of matching every decor, and of never going unnoticed, do the talking. Artificial or real, arranged in a bouquet or scattered across a table, flowers are beautiful in every shape and colour. With Bipolart, flowers can bring a floral touch to your table on a Top, liven up your living room wall or party, decorate a wedding table or simply charm your guests.

Artists that have been painting flowers since the dawn of time were not wrong. The flower is a popular visual motif, loaded with symbolism that varies with the type or colour of the flower, the time period and the continent. It can be the unique subject of a work of art or simply a decorative feature, and is often associated with fruit in still life paintings. Carrying a message of peace, love and harmony, the flower with its coded language, only lives for a short time but its power remains.


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