An ethnic Top is an image of your origins or a daydream of a trip to a faraway land, placed on your table.

The jingle-jangle of your bracelets can be heard as you take your straw hat down from the whitewashed wall. The decoration is folklorist and transports you back to the memory of a trip around Latin America or Botswana, where the landscapes are majestic and the sunsets take your breath away. It’s a little messy but it’s organised mess, designed to make you dream. Colourful fabrics are everywhere - the woven rug, embroidered shawls, ponchos, the cushions scattered on the bed, the bench and the armchair, not far from the large leather pouf. The cactus, the basket used for storage and the shopping bag as decoration add to the ambiance. There is nothing spectacular in this home where nevertheless every detail counts. These details express the joie de vivre of a carefree, joyful, optimistic, frugal and open-minded life.

To the sound of Andean flutes, your travel memories can be seen in 3D, memories of vast landscapes, the wilderness, the savana, a South American cowherd, palm trees and a safari, that you remember thanks to a photo of a wild elephant, an endangered species.

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